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Number of intersections
in Los Angeles gridlocked
by greedy developers.


Number of Los Angeles
households forced out
by “luxury” density.

6 million

Amount of money
L.A. City Hall received from
the real estate industry.

Neighborhood Integrity Initiative Is Heading to March 2017 Ballot, Delivering 104,000 Signatures to City Hall

The Coalition to Preserve LA announced Wednesday that the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative is heading for the March 2017 ballot, marking an unprecedented push by residents to take control from for-profit developers who are...
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Will Los Angeles End Up With Two Sinking, Tilting Luxury Housing Skyscrapers from Developer Millennium Partners?

One of San Francisco’s most iconic luxury housing skyscrapers is sinking and tilting — and it was built by Millennium Partners, the same developer that wants to put up an ultra-controversial mega-project in Hollywood...
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Coalition to Preserve LA Praises Conservationists: They Stopped Gov. Jerry Brown from Wiping Out Environmental Protections Under CEQA

The Coalition to Preserve L.A. applauds the Sierra Club, the Planning and Conservation League and scores of groups who fought and today stopped Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposal to gut the California Environmental Quality Act...
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A Broken Planning and Land-Use System Is Destroying Los Angeles Neighborhoods, Say Residents

Residents from across Los Angeles detailed yesterday how a broken planning and land-use system is destroying L.A. neighborhoods — and why reform is desperately needed. They spoke to a crowd of reporters at a press...
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Mayor Eric Garcetti Pressed to End Overdevelopment as Leonardo DiCaprio Backs Neighborhood Integrity Initiative

Working-class Latinos, Westside homeowners, Valley renters, South Los Angeles citizens and major film stars joined together today in asking Mayor Eric Garcetti to reform the city’s rigged development system that is paving...
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What Happens When Opponents of the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative Panic?

With the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative hurtling toward its deadline to turn in more than 62,000 signatures for its March 2017 ballot measure, the forces arrayed against the measure, which curtails developer influence over...
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Valley Village Residents in San Fernando Valley Under Siege By Greedy Developers

In the San Fernando Valley, in a middle-class enclave known as Valley Village, residents are under siege by developers who destroy affordable housing units in order to build small-lot subdivision condominiums and other luxury...
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Will ‘The Reef’ Mega-Project Displace Longtime Residents in Historic South-Central?

After a six-hour, emotional hearing at L.A. City Hall on Thursday, the City Planning Commission approved the billion-dollar mega-project known as “The Reef” for Historic South-Central, but scores of local residents...
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Rose Foundation Study Says California Environmental Quality Act Does Not Hurt Development

The Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment just released a major study that finds there’s no evidence that the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) severely impacts development in the Golden State...
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Silver Lake Residents Organize to Fight Controversial Mega-Project at Much-Beloved Sunset Junction

Silver Lake residents met last night to further bolster an organized effort to fight a highly controversial mega-project proposed for Sunset Junction, a longtime and much-beloved community gathering spot. The group of more than...
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The Neighborhood Integrity Initiative starts the process of fixing L.A.’s broken and unfair planning system, which is controlled by deep-pocketed developers and powerful politicians to serve their own self-interests.

Among a long list of problems, this rigged system pushes forward luxury mega-projects that cause traffic gridlock, the destruction of neighborhood character and the displacement of longtime residents, including senior citizens on fixed budgets. The Coalition to Preserve L.A. and its supporters are saying no more.

Inform yourself about developer greed, neighborhood battles and the upcoming election. Read our coverage.



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L.A. Overdevelopment Battle Zones

Echo Park battle

UPDATE, February 24: Well, it’s happening. This morning, a demolition crew started tearing down the 1899 home in Echo Park on Everett Street…read more

Koreatown battle

Caruso's Flying Cruise ship

For years, L.A.’s billionaire real estate developer Rick Caruso has shelled out hundreds of thousands of dollars to lobbying firms… read more

Atwater Village Always

Namvar Mega-Mansions

Black Lung Lofts

Harvard Westlake School

Black Lung Lofts

Canyon Park Homes Project

IMT Hostile Takeover

Cumulus Project

Martin Expo Town Center

NoHo West Mega-Project

Brentwood Battle

Mariachi Plaza Station

Wyvernwood Redevelopment Project

Picasso Brentwood

College Station

Casden Expo Project

Westlake Tower

Martin Cadillac Expo Town Center

Kamran Benji

Chandler Village LLC

Snowball West

Sunkist Headquarters

Il Villaggio Toscano Luxury Apartments

Hayes Capital Managment

Lafayette Square Apartments

MacArthur Park

Black Lung Lofts

Black Lung Lofts

Koreatown Tower

Cimmarusti Holdings

Alexan Luxury Apartments

Amacon Tower

Black Lung Lofts

Bungalow Conversions

The Reef

Faring Capital Corporate Takeover

Townscape Partners vs Save Sunset

Academy Square Project

Clarett West and DLJ Real Estate Capital Partners

Palladium-Hollywood Project

Takeover & Rezoning

Villa Carlotta Bliss, LLC (Gidi Cohen)

Crossroads of the World


The Coalition to Preserve L.A. is underwritten, in large part, by AIDS Healthcare Foundation, a $1.3 billion non-profit whose legions of doctors and nurses are caring for more than 590,000 HIV/AIDS patients in 35 countries. 
AHF also takes on social justice and fairness issues unrelated to AIDS. In the U.S., AHF is sponsoring ballot measures that aim to remove the Confederate flag from the Mississippi state flag and to lower high pharmacy costs in California and Ohio.
No funds granted for the care of AIDS patients are spent on the organization's ballot campaigns. AHF raises its own advocacy funds to tackle social justice and fairness issues, which are in harmony with its mission. That mission is "cutting-edge medicine and advocacy regardless of ability to pay."
Now, AHF has set its sights on real estate developer control of fundamental processes at L.A. City Hall that, in fact, belong to the people. That unfair developer control has destroyed neighborhood character, created outrageous traffic congestion, wiped out thousands of net units of affordable housing and directly fed into L.A.'s spike in homelessness. 

Read the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative

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