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Number of intersections
in Los Angeles gridlocked
by greedy developers.


Number of Los Angeles
households forced out
by “luxury” density.

6 million

Amount of money
L.A. City Hall received from
the real estate industry.

Coalition to Preserve LA Urges a NO VOTE on JJJ, the Backroom Deal to Cram 500 Skyscrapers in LA with ZERO Guarantee of ‘Affordable Housing’

Measure JJJ on the ballot falsely claims to bring “affordable housing” and jobs to L.A. residents. In fact, JJJ is a twisted roadmap for unprecedented overdevelopment, opening the door to 500 to 1,000 skyscrapers and sprawling...
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Los Angeles Ethics Commission Shows No Interest in How Big Money Influences City Hall

In a shocking display of indifference, Los Angeles Ethics Commission members showed no interest yesterday in newly released reports about the millions of dollars flowing to City Hall politicians and lobbyists. The commissioners...
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LA Tenants Union Backs the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative

The LA Tenants Union, a unique movement of citywide renters rights volunteers whose members refuse money from developers or from City Hall, has endorsed the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative and its effort to end the backroom...
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Los Angeles Small Businesses Are Victims of Gentrification, Too

UCLA researchers are looking into the growing problem of “commercial gentrification” in Los Angeles caused by new developments near transit stations, in which mom-and-pop stores and ethnic small businesses are pushed...
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Beacon Economics’ Christopher Thornberg Is Secretly Paid by Developers to Kill the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative

On October 11, at a Los Angeles City Council meeting, Christopher Thornberg, the founding partner of Beacon Economics and a popular talking head, chose not to reveal a little known, yet important fact — he’s a paid...
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Is City Hall Out to Kill Los Angeles’ Historic Buildings — And the Uniqueness of LA?

From the Valley to Hollywood to downtown L.A., City Hall politicians seem unconcerned about ruining the city’s most historic buildings — and, as a result, killing the uniqueness of Los Angeles. One major example is...
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Rent Strike Battle Intensifies at Marmion Royal Apartments in Highland Park

Tenants at Marmion Royal apartments in Highland Park have been undertaking a rent strike for weeks, fighting off the impacts of gentrification in their neighborhood. Things have gotten so tense that the landlord has turned...
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Coalition to Preserve LA Invites Public to San Fernando Valley Town Hall

The Coalition to Preserve LA invites the public to a Town Hall in the San Fernando Valley, where residents can share their experiences battling City Hall and developers — and meet other citizens who have been fighting the...
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LA City Council Delivers Favors to Paramount Pictures, Ignoring Neighborhood Concerns

The Los Angeles City Council approved today a major redevelopment of the Paramount Pictures campus at 5555 Melrose Avenue, despite nearby residents’ worries about the construction of an office high-rise, gridlock traffic...
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Vancouver Mayoral Candidate Warns Los Angeles About Real-Life Dangers of Overdevelopment

Journalist and one-time Vancouver mayoral candidate Kirk LaPointe recently wrote an eye-popping open letter to Los Angeles, warning us about the real-life dangers of overdevelopment that Vancouver is still struggling with....
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The Neighborhood Integrity Initiative starts the process of fixing L.A.’s broken and unfair planning system, which is controlled by deep-pocketed developers and powerful politicians to serve their own self-interests.

Among a long list of problems, this rigged system pushes forward luxury mega-projects that cause traffic gridlock, the destruction of neighborhood character and the displacement of longtime residents, including senior citizens on fixed budgets. The Coalition to Preserve L.A. and its supporters are saying no more.

Inform yourself about developer greed, neighborhood battles and the upcoming election. Read our coverage.



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The Coalition to Preserve L.A. is underwritten, in large part, by AIDS Healthcare Foundation, a $1.3 billion non-profit whose legions of doctors and nurses are caring for more than 590,000 HIV/AIDS patients in 35 countries. 
AHF also takes on social justice and fairness issues unrelated to AIDS. In the U.S., AHF is sponsoring ballot measures that aim to remove the Confederate flag from the Mississippi state flag and to lower high pharmacy costs in California and Ohio.
No funds granted for the care of AIDS patients are spent on the organization's ballot campaigns. AHF raises its own advocacy funds to tackle social justice and fairness issues, which are in harmony with its mission. That mission is "cutting-edge medicine and advocacy regardless of ability to pay."
Now, AHF has set its sights on real estate developer control of fundamental processes at L.A. City Hall that, in fact, belong to the people. That unfair developer control has destroyed neighborhood character, created outrageous traffic congestion, wiped out thousands of net units of affordable housing and directly fed into L.A.'s spike in homelessness. 

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