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Will LA City Council Place Neighborhood Integrity Initiative on Ballot?

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On Friday morning, at City Hall, the Los Angeles City Council will decide to either place the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative on the March 7, 2017, ballot or immediately adopt this reform measure word-for word. The Council adopting our citizen-driven initiative as-is? Won’t happen.

But because there is some wiggle room for City Council mischief and hanky-panky on Friday, we ask Neighborhood Integrity Initiative supporters to show up at City Hall and be watchdogs. The public hearing takes place at 9 a.m. on the third floor of City Hall in the Council Chambers, Room 340.

On Friday, there is one potential “bad act” the City Council may try. They have the right to schedule a backroom “executive session” to discuss suing our citizen movement.

We do not think the City Council is foolish enough to try this rare legal maneuver.

So please come, be visible watchdogs and meet these key Coalition to Preserve LA voices on Friday:

– Jay Beeber, the folk hero who got rid of L.A.’s hated red-light cameras. This San Fernando Valley resident proved that City Hall was lying when it said that the universally hated $465 red light camera tickets were reducing accidents;

– Attorney Grace Yoo, who is fighting well-connected political forces in Koreatown, where the pressure is on to wipe out affordable neighborhoods because luxury skyscrapers are “inevitable.” Her group is suing a proposed 27-story edifice whose developer has already destroyed several affordable rentals and will wipe out even more;

– Xochitl Gonzalez, Neighborhood Council leader and president of the West LA-Sawtelle Residents’ Association, which is fighting to stop the illegal Martin Cadillac mega-development absurdly planned for the gridlocked corner of Bundy and Olympic.

Kudos to all of you supporters of protecting our livable L.A., demanding intelligent development, protecting affordable housing from destruction, and preserving what is unique about Los Angeles.

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