L.A. Overdevelopment Battle Map

This map shows where residents are fighting displacement and destruction of neighborhood character. To find your neighborhood, move your arrow cursor over the map. A small hand symbol will appear. Now click and hold on that click. As you move the small hand cursor, you can now drag the map in different directions. Once you find your neighborhood, release the click button, and then click on one of the icons in the map to get more information about a development project.

Echo Park battle

UPDATE, February 24: Well, it’s happening. This morning, a demolition crew started tearing down the 1899 home in Echo Park on Everett Street...read more

Koreatown battle

Caruso's Flying Cruise ship

For years, L.A.’s billionaire real estate developer Rick Caruso has shelled out hundreds of thousands of dollars to lobbying firms... read more

Atwater Village Always

Namvar Mega-Mansions

Black Lung Lofts

Harvard Westlake School

Black Lung Lofts

Canyon Park Homes Project

IMT Hostile Takeover

Cumulus Project

Martin Expo Town Center

NoHo West Mega-Project

Brentwood Battle

Mariachi Plaza Station

Wyvernwood Redevelopment Project

Picasso Brentwood

College Station

Casden Expo Project

Westlake Tower

Martin Cadillac Expo Town Center

Kamran Benji

Chandler Village LLC

Snowball West

Sunkist Headquarters

Il Villaggio Toscano Luxury Apartments

Hayes Capital Managment

Lafayette Square Apartments

MacArthur Park

Black Lung Lofts

Black Lung Lofts

Koreatown Tower

Cimmarusti Holdings

Alexan Luxury Apartments

Amacon Tower

Black Lung Lofts

Bungalow Conversions

The Reef

Faring Capital Corporate Takeover

Townscape Partners vs Save Sunset

Academy Square Project

Clarett West and DLJ Real Estate Capital Partners

Palladium-Hollywood Project

Takeover & Rezoning

Villa Carlotta Bliss, LLC (Gidi Cohen)

Crossroads of the World

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