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Echo Park Fights for Its History

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everettstreet10UPDATE, February 24: Well, it’s happening. This morning, a demolition crew started tearing down the 1899 home in Echo Park on Everett Street, just up from Sunset Boulevard. The historic building has been around since the presidency of William McKinley — that’s 20 presidents between then and now. But a developer wants it gone and out of the way so he can build a huge, 50-unit apartment complex across from Everett Park. Neighbors on the charming street, which features beautiful Victorian homes, aren’t pleased and continue their fight to stop the project.

February 22: Echo Park resident Richard Courtney has restored his charming, neoclassic home on Everett Street with care and integrity. But then a real estate developer bought some properties next door, which includes a house built in 1899.

That’s right. Echo Park has a lot of cool, old homes that date to before the turn of the 20th century.

Guess what the developer plans to do to that ancient one from 1899? Tear it down. If an Ent were growing in the front yard, that would likely have to go, too. One step in the developer’s process to demolish was to allow the home’s old roof to get worse, which was allowed in the elements.

Next, the developer plans to build a huge, 50-unit apartment complex and completely change the character of this livable neighborhood.

While the Los Angeles City Council looks the other way, one of L.A.’s rare historic areas filled with Victorian and Craftsman-era homes is being dismantled home by home in Echo Park. The Eastsider website calls the 1899 house “what appears to be one of the oldest homes on the hill.”

You can support Courtney and scores of his neighbors fighting to save their neighborhood character from destruction by developers: and Facebook page “Everett Neighbors.”

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