L.A. Mayor Richard Riordan

Former LA Mayor Richard Riordan Wants You to Donate to Coalition to Preserve LA

In Archive by Patrick Range McDonald

Former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan asks Angelenos today to donate to the Coalition to Preserve LA to “fix a broken City Hall system that places developers before residents.”

“City Hall’s money-drenched system may outspend us 20 to 1,” Riordan explains in a statement.

Along with former L.A. Mayor Tom Bradley, Riordan is widely considered one of the most effective and popular mayors in recent Los Angeles history.

Between 1993 and 2001, Riordan battled entrenched forces at City Hall on the behalf of everyday Angelenos. He knows what it takes to create change in this city, and what powerful, deep-pocketed developers and their allies will do to defeat our community-based movement.

“Our opponents absurdly claim that our effort ‘ends rent control’ or that we’ll ‘stop most development,'” Riordan says. “We expect these utterly phony slams. We want you to be ready for them, too.  So please join our fight against those intent on turning L.A. into an overbuilt, gridlocked mess we can’t recognize.”

You can choose any dollar amount to donate to our movement. Just go to our website and give what works for you. It’s fast, easy and will take only two minutes of your time.

Mayor Riordan and the Coalition to Preserve LA thank you for your support!


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