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Hard-Hitting Coalition to Preserve LA Billboard Goes Up on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood

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The Coalition to Preserve LA has put up a hard-hitting, high-profile billboard on Sunset Boulevard in the heart of Hollywood, which will be seen by tens of thousands of tourists and Angelenos alike.

Showing a homeless encampment on an L.A. street with the statement “Affordable Housing in Los Angeles,” the billboard brings much-needed attention to City Hall’s numerous blunders, missteps and inactions to effectively address Los Angeles’ affordable housing crisis.

From the demolition of tens of thousands of affordable units under their watch to approving luxury hotel and condo projects that wipe out apartment buildings, City Hall politicians have only contributed to homelessness in L.A. — and, in the process, added more millions into the bank accounts of wealthy developers.

Coalition billboard tells uncomfortable truth created by City Hall policies

Coalition billboard tells uncomfortable truth created by City Hall policies

With each passing day, working- and middle-class Angelenos are getting more and more fed up, demanding that L.A.’s broken and rigged planning and land-use system be reformed. It’s that system that developers and city politicians manipulate for their own special interests while we suffer the consequences, such as less affordable housing, higher rents, more traffic, more displaced citizens.

It’s time to stand up and insist on serious change at L.A. City Hall, which is what the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative seeks to do. The reform measure will come before voters in March 2017.

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