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L.A. City Council Members Admit City Hall is Clueless about Its Role in Fueling Homelessness

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UPDATE, AUG. 7: Now the highly controversial re-development of a Hollywood apartment building on Cherokee Avenue may not take place, if tenant-activists have their way. Recently, they sued the city of Los Angeles and are seeking to reverse the city’s approval of the project. The Los Angeles Times reported on August 6: “The lawsuit, filed this week by the newly formed Hollywoodians Encouraging Rental Opportunities, accuses the city of violating state law and demands that it prepare a more exhaustive report on the environmental effects of the hotel plan.”


UPDATE: On June 29, the L.A. City Council approved a condominium-turned-boutique hotel project at 1850 Cherokee Avenue and denied an appeal by community activist Sylvie Shain. As a result, some tenants who once lived at the Cherokee Avenue building and were forced out will not receive relocation payments from the property owner — and the city will lose more affordable housing at a time when politicians and neighborhood activists agree that there’s a serious affordable housing crisis in L.A.

Shain said after today’s City Council meeting, “I’m disappointed that there wasn’t an opportunity to apply conditions to the approval that would have provided some adjustments, such as the relocation payments for tenants. Council member Mitch O’Farrell’s inability to recognize that opportunity, to not use his influence and clout and to not bring justice to the situation is disappointing.”

The Los Angeles Times also provides coverage about the scandalous approval.


Read this incredible exchange below between powerful Los Angeles City Council members, who are severely overdeveloping L.A. with luxury housing, creating a luxury glut with huge 12% vacancy rates. The council members admit to having no idea that their actions on behalf of developers who give them campaign cash and gifts, is wiping out rent-stabilized housing and displacing thousands of Angelenos. Shame on PLUM, the L.A. City Council Planning and Land Use Management committee, for its blind cruelty. Please help us fix the broken City Hall system, by donating now to the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative heading for the March ballot.


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