Sticky ad on front page of L.A. Times

Neighborhood Integrity Initiative Sticky Ad on Front Page of L.A. Times Says City Hall Is ‘For Sale’

In Archive by Patrick Range McDonald

On the fourth and final day of our “sticky” ad campaign on the front page of the Los Angeles Times, we take aim at soft corruption at City Hall.

It’s where the real estate industry has shelled out, since 2000, $6 million in campaign contributions for local politicians, who then bend the rules for developers by approving spot-zoning changes and General Plan amendments for mega-projects.

As a result, L.A. has a development-approval system that’s rigged and broken, and we, the citizens, get gigantic developments that gridlock our streets with traffic, destroy neighborhood character and displace longtime residents, who are often senior citizens on fixed budgets and working- and middle-class folks.

The back of sticky ad

The back of sticky ad

On the front of the sticky, we have a picture of City Hall with “For Sale” stamped on it. On the back, it reads:

Support the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative on the March 2017 ballot. City officials have received donations of $6 million from developers since 2000. Politicians award zoning exemptions that instantly make a parcel worth 5 times, even 20 times, its value. Contact us at

Already, our community-based movement is creating change. The City Council and Mayor Eric Garcetti have proposed reforms to L.A.’s broken land-use policies, although we believe they aren’t going far enough. The L.A. Times is also calling for reform. And we’ve started a much-needed citywide dialogue about development and the future of L.A. that politicians and developers didn’t want anyone to have.

Let’s keep rolling.

Please join the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative movement by clicking to our Act page right now, and follow and cheer our efforts on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. And send us an email to get breaking alerts and other information: Together, we can create much-needed change!

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