Check out the photos from our marches, rallies, partners, battles and victories! The Neighborhood Integrity Initiative starts the process of fixing L.A.’s broken, rigged and unfair planning and land-use system, which is controlled by deep-pocketed developers and powerful City Hall politicians to serve their own self-interests.

The photos show a citywide, grassroots movement that aims to reform L.A.’s broken, rigged and unfair planning and land-use system through the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative, which has been placed on the March 7, 2017, ballot.

For too long, deep-pocketed, politically connected developers have controlled City Hall by shelling out millions in campaign contributions to L.A. politicians, who, in return, grant “spot-zoning” approvals for mega-projects that are not normally allowed under city rules, shown in these photos. Ordinary people, who have little clout at City Hall, suffer the consequences — increased gridlock traffic, the destruction of neighborhood character and the displacement of longtime residents, including senior citizens on fixed budgets and lower-income Angelenos.

Check out the photos showing the Coalition to Preserve L.A. aiming to reform City Hall by winning reasonable controls back for all Angelenos.

The Coalition to Preserve L.A. and its supporters are saying no more. We believe that the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative is our best hope to ensure that local residents have greater voice in how their communities grow and develop.