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Small Donors Fight to Save L.A. from Greedy Developers, Backing Neighborhood Integrity Initiative

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The Coalition to Preserve LA warmly thanks its more than 200 donors, small and large, who gave us an average of about $25 each before a June 30 donation-reporting deadline to help us fight greedy developers and the City Hall politicians who take their money.

Our donors seek to enact the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative on the citywide ballot next March to force City Hall to follow the rules, do its job and end its severe rule-bending to allow the overdevelopment that is destroying our communities.

Tens of thousands of supporters across Los Angeles back the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative.

But we are especially honored to see the very rare act, in Los Angeles, in which small donors from every part of this city stepped forward to save our neighborhoods and our affordable housing from a frenzy of outsized luxury developments, to halt developer control over what L.A. becomes and to fix this broken system at City Hall.

This is a movement about real people fighting for livability and affordability, and against the horrific local street gridlock, displacement of tens of thousands of residents and soaring housing costs spurred by the Los Angeles City Council’s obsession with pleasing greedy developers who shower them with campaign cash and lobbying.

Thank you to our donors, large and small:

Elin Schwartz, Vera J. Hirtz, Stephanie Zill, Thomas Gossett, Steven Schulman, Susan Grieder, Kay Goldberg, Linda Miller, Ron Grant, Robert Nakayama, Julia Bricklin, Kris McGaha, Kay Tornborg, Gregg Oelker, Abby Antweil, Jennifer Laxo, Rusty Millar, Dakota Sands, Brian Harris, Jeremy Samples, Sonya Sepahban, Alexandra Rose, Helen Berman, Arthur Ourieff, Eban Schletter, Hardy Muller, Mike Barzilli, Jerome Baruck, Karen Kaysing, Tony Villanueva, Jonathan Sheldon, Tony Scudellari, Gregory Williams, Laureen Mitchell, Casey Maddren, Serena Reid, Andrew Ransford, Amy Alkon, Gregg Sutter, Aaron Epstein, Mark Thomsen, Elizabeth Baker, Joseph Ramirez and Adrian Furchner.

Also, Jack Humphreville, Diane Lawrence, Annie Gagen, Kathleen Bransfield, Tricia Crane, Greg Krietemeyer, Diana Zogran, Diego Velasco, Susan Winsberg, Paul Wagner, Ninotchka Regets, David Barron, Andrew Marton, Sandy Brown, Phil Davis, John Paladin, Gina Maslow, Simeon Slovacek, Chris Campbell, Annette Carr. Kathleen Bergstrom, Chris Arnold, Jerome Courshon, Tasha Le Mel, Roger Curtis, Karen Schmidt, Lynette Jones, John Lockhart, Andrew Carrollman, David Bischoff, Madeleine Huttenback, Benjamin Kal-El Bogdanove, Karen Smalley, Chris Johnson, Georgene Smith, Katherine Calkin, Leslie Klein, Robin Viso, Cherilyn Smith, Elizabeth Fischbach, Robert Castro, Michael Phelps, Carl McKinzie, Liza Gerberding, Jessica Bertulis, Paul Wagner, Niel Ruben, Barbara Huber, Craig Duffy, Elizabeth Duffy, Douglas Tornquist, C Mcirwin, Nancy Evans, Stephen Tuohy, Darcy Harris, Marie-Paule Goislard, Jessica Wolff, Jeffrey Sachs, Richard Riordan, Darrell Dooley, Alison Julian, Margaret Wynn, Christine Terry, Madalyn Barber, Traci Considine, Jesse Monsour, Crystal Us and Lorelei Shark.

And, Sara Lowry, R. Keynan, Toby Horn, Anthony Blake, Jianna Maarten, Heather Fox, Steven Luftman, Keith Szarabajka, I. Zevos, Genethia Hudley-Hayes, Ann Boggio, Dee Ann Newkirk, Sarah Starr, Rosemary De Monte, Annie Sperling, S. E. Hernstadt, Christine Kantner, Jake Hempe, Kim Anderson, Brian Wotring, Jan Munroe, Amber Cannon. Lisa Neidhardt, Larry Smith, Martha Atwell, Michael Buch, Tom Vickers, Morgan Keane, Jim Flanigan, Mike Charlotte Molina, Kate Wolf, Michael Molina, Kathleen Tait, Bob Yovannone, Evan Geerlings, Donald Woods, Yolanda Molina, Susan Winsberg, Carlos Loera, Gregory Williams, Xochitl Gonzalez, Gregg Oelker, Rosemary De Monte, Hardy Muller, Bob Foster, Grace Yoo, Byron Goodgame, Kelly Rose, Cynthia Chvatal, Barbara Thomason, JD Barrale, Keith Munyan, Keith Nakata, Cindy Fagin, Jerry Fagin, Carol Cetrone, Richard Courtney, Alexandra Kondracke, Cheryll Roberts, Karen Barnett, Dick Platkin, Penelope Cotten, Susan Shapiro, Ron Plank, Don Hunt, Hortensia Gomez-Tirella, Steve Gorlin, Susan Goldberg, Kat Curry, Karen Keehne Zimmerman, A.M. Antweil, Pamela Burgess, Josef Velten, John Paladin, Beverly Lubin, Kent Beyda, Christine OBrien, Katherine Conway, Kelly McClellan, Marjorie Maxon. Anne Hars, Hayley Marcus, Joyce Foster, Pat Squires, Patrick McDonald, K. Pak, Matthew S. Casillas, Lisa Mazzotte, Mary Gurton and Storm Gardner.

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