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Stop Gov. Jerry Brown and State Legislature’s Fast-Track for Mega-Skyscrapers

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A Sacramento bill going through the state legislature, a Los Angeles Times article recently noted, may continue fast-track approval for more than one mega-project in L.A. This would hurt citizens’ ability to protect their neighborhoods, and it’s not acceptable.

One of the only environmental laws we have to protect our neighborhoods from mega-development and environmental abuse is the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

Developers’ political allies in Sacramento are now trying to pass SB 734 to limit our ability to fight huge developments in our neighborhoods. SB 734 extends a 2011 temporary measure that allows rich developers who got sued under CEQA to be fast-tracked in court, jumping far ahead of other court cases.

This “temporary” weakening of CEQA slashes the time in which opponents could fight these developers’ outrageous mega-developments. Politicians justified this bad legislation as an emergency, all due to California’s huge 12% unemployment rate in 2011.

But today, California has very low unemployment. And nobody, especially rich developers, should cash in by skirting the law.

Contact your state Senate and Assembly members to tell them you oppose passage of SB 734 to extend unwarranted courtroom favors to rich developers. The Sierra Club and the Judicial Council of California, which speaks for the courts, both oppose SB 734.

Call Governor Brown and tell him not to sign SB 734 and weaken our already threatened environmental protections.

Governor Brown:

Look up your State Senator and Assembly Member:

Read AB 734 (nearly identical to the temporary SB 900 from 2011):

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