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Pulitzer Prize-Winning David Horsey Perfectly Illustrates Why We Need the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative

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What may be one of the best, most concise explanations for why Angelenos need to vote for the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative in March 2017, the Los Angeles Times published today a terrific cartoon by two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning David Horsey.

As two men walk through the headquarters of Los Angeles real estate developers, one developer says: “…And here’s my favorite property. Small investment, big return.” The man is pointing to a poster of L.A. City Hall, which states at the bottom, “Campaign Contributions Welcome.”

David Horsey further writes:

The attention of most voters may be riveted on the vicious contest for president between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, but it is worth remembering the famous words of former Speaker of the House Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neill that all politics is local. And, in the local politics of Los Angeles, the L.A. Times has uncovered disturbing evidence that suggests real estate developers may be getting favored treatment from city officials to whom they have made significant campaign donations.

David Horsey is referencing the ongoing “Sea Breeze Scandal,” in which the L.A. Times exposed a developer and his associates giving hundreds of thousands in campaign contributions that benefitted City Council members and Mayor Eric Garcetti. L.A. politicians pushed through a mega-development known as Sea Breeze despite the fact that the City Planning Commission rejected the wildly inappropriate development.

Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey is now looking into the matter, and the Coalition to Preserve LA has called on Assistant U.S. Attorney Brandon Fox and California Attorney General Kamala Harris to investigative as well. We believe agencies outside of L.A. need to conduct a serious corruption probe.

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