Coalition to Preserve L.A. is a citywide movement of concerned residents who believe in open government, people-oriented planning, equitable housing and environmental stewardship of Los Angeles through advocacy and empowering the community. Watch our videos.


L.A. politicians predicted that traffic in Hollywood would be dramatically reduced thanks to massive transit-oriented development near the Red Line subway stops. But in this video, community activist Casey Maddren shows that he can walk faster down the block than cars can drive in jammed-up, overdeveloped Hollywood, where the vast majority of people ignore mass transit. Via The Horizon and the Skyline


Watch the instant bulldozer destruction of another affordable L.A. bungalow. Los Angeles politicians say they support affordable housing, but then allow the demolition of 2,000 rent-stabilized units a year.


In Westwood, 150 senior citizens get holiday eviction notices from a greedy developer. They speak out in this video.


Watch our video about Coalition to Preserve L.A.’s notable achievements. In addition, citizens from across L.A. talk about the desperate need to reform City Hall.


Dick Platkin, an L.A. city planner with 30-plus years experience, explains in plain English the mysteries of land-use for anyone wishing to fight overdevelopment.


Community activists Robin Rudisill and Marcia Hanscom explain how L.A. City Hall is broken and rigged.