Perhaps more than any other metropolis in the United States, Los Angeles is a city of dreams in which hard-working people with an idea and a passion can be very successful. You don’t need high-society connections. You don’t need to be a trust-fund baby. You can achieve much if you’re simply willing to go for it. That’s just one reason why we love L.A.

We also love the beaches and eclectic neighborhoods of Venice. We love the views of the Hollywood sign and Griffith Observatory from such one-of-a-kind communities as Hollywood, Los Feliz and Silver Lake. We love the Streamline Moderne architecture of the El Rey Theatre and Thomas Jefferson High School and the classic livability of garden apartments throughout Los Angeles.

We love L.A.’s incredible cultural diversity, which was brought to us by immigrants from such places as China, Israel, Mexico, El Salvador, Ukraine, Russia, Philippines, Ethiopia, Japan, Armenia, Bangladesh, Great Britain and numerous other countries. Many of them came to our city with little money to find a better life for themselves and their families. They knew Los Angeles could provide that.

We love the up-and-coming artists, musicians, writers, actors, comedians, filmmakers, chefs and fashion designers, among a host of others, who bring an electric spirit and overflowing creativity to our city, which makes Los Angeles vital and alive.

We love small business owners and mom-and-pop apartment building owners, who give us unique services and items to buy and affordable, often special places to live that help create our charming neighborhoods.

We love so many things about Los Angeles, and that’s why our community-based movement is fighting City Hall and developers to save our extraordinary, vibrant city.

The profit-driven land-use policies favored by deep-pocketed developers and their politician pals, who have manipulated L.A.’s broken and rigged development-approval process to benefit their own self-interests, are threatening the very things that make our city great.

Hard-working immigrants, artists and long-time residents are getting pushed out of their neighborhoods by City Hall-approved luxury development, and the distinctive character of our city is ruined forever by greedy developers who bend the rules to gain huge profits.

So we fight because we love L.A. What about you?

Join the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative movement by clicking to our Act page right now, and following and cheering our efforts on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. You can also send us an email at for more information.

Together, we can create the change that our city needs. We love L.A.!

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